Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Hales: Supergoose IPA

A good hoppy IPA from Hales. Nice floral notes, with a good hoppy finish. Deep orange color and a light body.

Alameda Yellow Wolf Imperial IPA

Rather subtle for an imperial, very balanced with body but not too much bite. This yellow-orange IPA packs a punch of potency, but is gentle on the palate. I prefer a more robust floral presence, but this is more like a winter warmer in IPA form. Not a bad piece of work from Alameda. Worth a try if you like strong beers but need the hops taken down just a notch.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Mt Emily Ale House - Organic Strawberry Honey Ale

Powerful strawberry flavor with a touch of sweet honey. This us a very tasty fruit beer!

OBF Saturday

Usually I try for a Thursday at OBF, but this year work took priority. I've joined the masses for Day 3. So far, the usual wide variety and lively crowds are out in force. Be here, drink beer!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Portland International Beerfest 2012

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Dry hop by Lompoc

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Boneyard Brewing RPM IPA

A sweet, floral bouquet, without too much bitterness. Crisp and hoppy.

Saturday, August 06, 2011

Rogue I2PA, Hemp, Ginger, Crusty

Thursday, July 28, 2011

OBF 2011 - Amnesia Brewing - Dopacetic IPA

OBF 2011 - Boneyard Beer - Girl Beer

Not just for girls, this cherry brew is sweet and sassy like a lady should be.

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OBF 2011 - Hopworks Urban Brewery - Evelyn's Imperial Sunshine

All the HUB brews are yummy and organic, but this is a cut above. Quite a treat!

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OBF 2011 - Collaborator - Hopfinium

As usual, the brew crew comes through with a very tasty, hoppy, yet light offering. Not overwhelming, just plain yummy beer.

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OBF 2011 - Gilgamesh Brewing - Mint Kölsch

Just to show off the weather this weekend, here's a view of Mt. Hood from the fest.

A photo of the minty brew would hardly help one appreciate the potent and fragrant mintiness embodied therein anyhow. Unique and sweet with just a little sour Kölsch taste to set off the mint. Yummy. Different.

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OBF 2011 - Vertigo Brewing - Razz Wheat

This Hillsboro brewery got the idea right with their raspberry wheat brew. Potent raspberries lend sweetness in ample portion, and hops lay low for the lead flavor. Very raspberry.

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OBF 2011 - Kona Brewing - Lemongrass Luau

I'm not sure what inspired this concoction. Lemongrass would not have crossed my mind as a beer ingredient. Yet it works well enough. Still, not Kona's most mouth-watering offering ever.

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OBF 2011 - Alameda Brewing - Yellow Wolf Imperial IPA

Topping the IBU ratings thus year among the lightest class of beers, this brew is hop heavy but excellently balanced. Fruity and light, but has punch! Onward…

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OBF 2011 - Hop Valley Brewing Co - Alpha Centauri Binary IPA

It's a double by any name. This Imperial IPA is fruity, spicy and strong, but with a deceptively smooth swallow. Onward!

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Oregon Brewers Festival 2011

Today marks the opening of the Oregon Brewers Festival. I decided to start with Caldera Brewing's Hop Hash. Billed as a surprise on all fronts, it has a distinct character.

Tongue tingling and tart, it's almost too hoppy for even this hophead. Onward!

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